Feb. 18, 2016


We all have it...Some have it more than others. But tell me this: IS TALENT ENOUGH? Over the years I feel like it can be a curse for many people. What if we all took the approach to our endeavors by not even acknowledging our own gifts and abilities. Now I'm not saying completely disregard it, but what I am saying is WORK LIKE YOU HAVE NONE! How far could you truly go in life? Here's one of the paradoxes of the universe. It's often the guys with the least amount of talent, with a few exceptions, that become the most impactful. I started to wonder, why is it like this? Here's the real truth: If you did'nt have your talent to rely on you would be relentless in work ethic. Somehow, some way you would need the edge. The only way that edge would come is through ridiculous work ethic. I encourage you today to see your life through the lens of being talentless. Rely solely on your ability to work your craft and learn as much as you possibly can and I guarantee you will go further in life and make a bigger impact than you've ever imagined!

One of my favorite superheroes is BATMAN! Reason why, for him it's about being smart, using his skill, strategy and intelligence. It's easy when you've been gifted super powers, but the real super power is learning to use your mind, body and spirit to your advantage.



Shaun Rober Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment