Feb. 10, 2016




"Staying Encouraged is how your life will take the shape you want it to." Shaun Grant

No doubt about it, life has a way of giving us circumstances that challenge our strength, confidence, and beliefs within ourselves. The great news is that regardless of what you face, it's all meant to refine you into a greater person than you already are now. Think about that for a moment.

Adverse circumstances are some of the greatest motivators in life we could ever encounter. Instead of falling into the trap of: "Oh no, why me?" The first question should be: "How is this going to make me better?" "How can I get the best out of what I am given at this moment?" before you know it, you will get all the answers you need and more on why you should always stay encouraged.

I make it a point to teach my clients to always trust what they feel within their hearts, not always what they see. For example, don't let things outside of you justify what you already are within your mind. For instance, I know that I am extremely wealthy and resourceful. It's not because I have ten million dollars in the bank. It's because I know I have all that I need within my heart, spirit, mind and soul. People can take my money, but they can never have what I like to call "Success Hardware." All of that belongs to me, and that is what controls how I live my life, and what I choose to believe in. It's not contingent upon circumstances or anything outside of me. The same goes for you. Adopt it as your dominant belief, and stay Encouraged! Look forward to hearing about your success.


 Shaun Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment