Feb. 9, 2016


There was a time when I was at a job that I had outgrown. Not only was it easy, but it failed to challenge me on a stimulating mental level. I knew it was time to go, but I just couldn't figure out how that would happen. We've all been at a point where we want to leave something (i.e. job, relationship, place) but did'nt know how. I was at a point where, oddly enough, I was excelling in the company, making it a ton of money, building amazing relationships with all of my clients. I should've been on top of the world but I wasn't. A few weeks before I had asked my boss for a WELL DESERVED RAISE. I wrote a professional proposal documenting all of the statistics that showed why I was the perfect employee. What started out as a great idea, became a waste of time. He basically told me: "YOU'RE EXPENDABLE, I DON'T WANT TO PAY YOU, THIS COMPANY WOULD MAKE THE SAME PROFIT WITHOUT YOU." OUUUUCCCCH!!! So much for tact right. What was interesting is that, I wasn't hurt. I was disappointed, but I even found myself laughing inside a bit. As this was happening, a voice yelled out: "SHAUN, DON'T YOU DARE BELIEVE WHAT THIS MAN IS SAYING. YOU ARE GREATER THAN THIS, BELIEVE IT." What was that I thought to myself? Then I realized that this was the intuitive guidance that has always been with me. I got up, gathered my things even thanked him for his time. As I drove home that day, I thought about my next move. Whenever I need to figure out a direction, I turned to my journal. "WHAT IS THE BEST MOVE FOR ME AT THIS TIME?" I jotted down in my journal. I closed my eyes put my head back and relaxed for a moment. I was urged to look over to my plant beside my couch. A leaf fell off of the plant...Hmmm, leaf...leaves...leave...OH!...LEAVE!!! It was truly amazing. My answer had come quicker than I could have anticipated. The awesome thing is that when it comes that quickly that usually indicates something greater is lined up for you. With excitement and urgency, I quit a job that was never going to allow me to grow the way I wanted to. Immediately things started to manifest at an alarming rate, things that I had wanted for so long....I'm doing well, I have more freedom, more joy, more happiness and more money than I could have ever imagined...So what's the moral of this story? YOUR INNER GUIDANCE WILL WORK FOR YOU AS FAST AS YOU WILL ALLOW IT. YOU JUST HAVE TO BE OPEN TO ALL OF THE POSSIBILITIES AVAILABLE TO YOU. SURE, IT'S A LEAP OF FAITH. BUT THAT WIND YOU CATCH AFTER YOU JUMP CAN SEND YOU SOARING TO HEAVENLY BLISS ON EARTH....Always be aware of that which lies in front of you, it could be your next greatest move.


Shaun Robert Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment