Jan. 28, 2016


I've lways believed in prayer and meditation. Over the years, I've opened up a spiritual channel to receive guidance. It always seems to be spot on. Here's a sample of what I received this morning...Maybe this was for you too :-)


"Writing has always been a wonderful outlet for you, so now I would like you to do it more frequently&s'more intuitively. This will open up channels to more wisdom, guidance, and understanding. Forgiveness is sometimes the hardest thing to encounter, but do not by any means get caught up in meaningless drama. Forgive&move forward. I am in control& I will guide you through everything. You are taking steps that will progress yourself significantly. You used your intuition perfectly yesterday, and this is the beauty of developing that skill! It's at your disposal to help you out whenever you need it! Anything that doesn't make you greater and tries to take you down personally, spend no time dwelling on it!! I love you so much my child&I am with you always! You make me proud! You never know what I am brewing up in your life! But know that it's always better than you could imagine my Dear! I love you so much keep up the great work!"


Shaun Robert Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment