Jan. 18, 2016


Message is the most important part of the 4M's because it comes down to sharing your experience. The universe operates in a way to help us give back to others all that we've learned. Through this process we are able to help people reach their goals and dreams faster by not making the same mistakes that we could have made along the way. It's our humanly duty to give back to those in need. You may wonder, what is it that we will receive in return? Good karma for one. But also, an understanding that we have become apart of a bigger purpose in the grand scheme of things. Never hesitate to teach what you've learned. Ultimately this becomes the best way, to truly learn and keep all that you've been exposed to along your journey. Here are some affirmations to focus on for today:



I share my wisdom of experience to better the lives of others and myself

I am a teacher who reaches many people with a great message

My message improves my life