Sep. 14, 2015

"Individuality is the Hallmark of Success."

"Individuality is the Hallmark of Success."



"When you accept your differences, you accept your ability to change the world with your uniqueness....


It's no secret that many times throughout our lives, we encounter situations wherewe are encouraged to fit in with the rest of society. The one thing that has alwaysbothered me about this perspective is the fact that; if we were all meant to fit inand be the same, wouldn't have God created us as a carbon copy of each other? It's no mystery that even though we are alike in many ways, there are so many great things about each of us that the world needs. When we embrace this truth, we find our purpose! When we find our purpose, we can help the world in ways that not even we could've imagined. "Individuality is the Hallmark of Success." A quote that dictates to each of us that the right path is finding the best opportunity to grasp everything that makes us stand out from the crowd. We spend so much of our lives wasting time trying to put the pieces that is the puzzle of our life together, when in actuality if we would search our past &our present,as well as ask for guidance from our Source, we would find the treasure map that would make everything fall into place in such a rapid way that the pace would be unbelievable as it manifests. One thing that helps me to zero in on the focus of my individuality is, once again, knowing that there is something that I can do better than anyoneon this earth. If I remain patient, take the time to truly know what it is, and follow it’s path with unceasing guided action, I will find an abundant byproduct of happiness,success, harmony, peace, and more freedom than I could have ever asked for. The most eminent thing to remember is not to stop when you experience resistance; but rather to know that the resistance is a sign of a breakthrough to come within your journey. Individuality ties into this because as we know ourselves completely, we understand our strengths, our weaknesses, where we need to improve, and most importantly, we understand the best way to approaching and overcoming our problems in a way that is most suitable to us. If you look at today’s most successful people; they are the ones that no matter how much they’ve been doubted or cast down, they have held firm to what drives them within their hearts that acts as a catalyst to accomplish anything they set out to begin. As a child about of nine years of age, I was a diehard supporter of the San Francisco 49ers. In case you’re unaware,the 49ers are a professional football team. This was by far, the biggest influence in my life ,at the time, to the point where it was my inspirational driving force to thrive in my short lived existence. My mother, being the wonderful woman she is, surprised me with a bright,shiny,brand new 49ers jacket. I was in total awe! This jacket, in my mind, made me apart of this team; that created a connection to greatness and a belief in things thought impossible to be possible so strong, that NO ONE could tell me any differently. Not only did it make me stand out physically from the other kids all dressed up in navy blue, black,and white uniforms; but mentally and emotionally it created the mindset that i was the greatest athlete alive. When I had this jacket on, I could run faster than the other kids, jump higher, catch the ball better, and change direction quicker. All because of this jacket I thought to myself, that I even continued to wear as it got warmer. The kids at school would ridicule me, call me dumb, and laugh at the fact that it was a humid ninety five degrees outside and I was wearing a winter jacket. Amazingly enough ,to me, it did not matter because it was what I needed to embrace to be successful. As I look back on that time and relate it to my to my life today; I realize that it wasn't the jacket that I was holding onto that made me successful. I was holding onto the individuality that it brought. It made me stand out above the rest. It help me to understand that I was a great football player and that was the hallmark of who I was at the time. When I believed in it; it created an invincible attitude, and my success was inevitable. Even at the tender age of nine,(Just to show you how remarkable we are as human beings)this was the time in which I truly understood, that when you believe in yourself no matter what anyone else thought, you could, no doubt, be successful regardless of how much of an outsider it made you look like. I also learned that when you do something in yourheart that you know is just right for you, but you cant really explain on a surface level, the voices of the critics who don't support you start to fade away, and doubt becomes something that will never be an option. Mainly, because doubt disappears when faith has touched the deepest part of the soul. So this brings me to: Where are you in your life today? Are you embracing your individuality? Are you understanding what it takes to ensure your success? When we discover the blueprint of who we are meant to be, as well as following what God has placed in our heart that no one else can take away from us, all we have to do is follow it with an unwavering faith and know without any doubt that....”Individuality is the Hallmark of Success....” 

To Abundant Peace, Love and Success

SRG <3