Sep. 11, 2015



Balance is an absolutely beautiful thing. If we want to live our lives greatly, we must seek to find it anyway that we can. What I've found that works for me is creating a list that allows an alottment of time to each area of my life. Organization has a way of turning itself into accomplishment. It's only a matter of having direction and when you have that direction you can immediately take the right type of action. To truly experience fulfillment there must be an affinity with the concept of balance. We must remember that our lives are like a great dish of fine cuisine. Separate ingredients provide immense amounts of flavor in many different ways. But what happens when you remove one? The balance of the meal is thrown off to where you can't enjoy any of it. When we relate it to ourselves, we realize that we can't be a success if we are excelling financially and mentally but spiritually and relationally we are at the bottom of the heap. All areas are connected and when we allow that wisdom to sink deeper, we take the first step to realizing what it means to "EXCEL THROUGH BALANCE."

To Abundant Peace, love and success

SRG <3