Sep. 8, 2015



There's no doubt that often times the biggest dreams take sacrifice. But when you're truly passionate about something it doesn't feel like a sacrifice. Reason being is that throughout the course of realizing our desires, we become more of who we want to be in this life. This leads me to the title: "YOU MAKE THE DREAM, THEN THE DREAM MAKES YOU?" It connotates that it's important for you to follow your heart because not only do you become a greater person, but the world needs you to manifest these awesome talents of yours. The impact of you doing so has a resounding effect on massive amounts of people. So when we decide that we want something, there's a few questions we have to ask ourselves. DOES THIS MAKE ME A BETTER PERSON? DOES IT CREATE CHANGE IN MY LIFE? DOES IT OFFER VALUE TO THOSE AROUND ME? AM I WILLING TO SEE IT THROUGH COMPLETELY? When you have the answers to these inquiries, your intuition will tell you right away if you're on the right track. The steps will be laid out one at a time for you. Each time you complete one not only will you move a step forward but your level of character will increase from the new experience you've received. Remember, "YOU MAKE THE DREAM, THEN THE DREAM MAKES YOU."

To abundant peace, love and success

SRG <3