Sep. 8, 2015




Shaun Grant


What do you see whenever you look at people, things or places that show up in your world? What is it that captures your attention and focus? The reason I ask these questions is that the world around us talks to us through the things that we see. Signs are an absolutely beautiful thing to experience especially when we know what our external influences are relaying to us. So let us begin with: What signs are you seeing?


I can remember thinking to myself, as I began to mature spiritually, what are these numbers, symbols, animals, and occurrences trying to tell me? Is this Divine guidance? Am I being shown that I’m on the right track? Or, do I need to make changes? Either way it’s important to tune in to what’s happening around us. The only way we can do that is by knowing what exactly we’re looking for. Let’s create an example for you. You realize that you have a bill due by tomorrow that you’ve forgot to factor into your finances for the month. You ask yourself: “How do I find the money to pay this bill on time?” Before you reach the point of frustration you decide to give it a rest and not think about it for the rest of the day. The next day comes and you see an old friend whose beyond happy to see you! You guys talk for a bit, have a few laughs and then before they leave they stop in their tracks to say: “Hey, you know what? It’s been a while but I’ve been wanting to give that money back to you that I borrowed a while ago.” You take the money and it’s exactly the amount that you need. You wonder in amazement how did all of this happen? This is called synchronicity. When events match up in the Universe to give you exactly what you need (synchronicity) this is a sign. In most cases this sign means that you are on the right track or right where you need to be at this time in your life. Have you ever noticed number sequences such as 111, 222, 444, or 1234? Keep your eyes peeled as these numerical groupings often are a message from God (Universe) and the angels directly to you. For example 111 means that your thoughts are manifesting at a rapid rate so it’s important for you to keep them positive in nature! 444 implies that an abundant amount of Divine help is available to you. Everything you need in life, you not only need to ask, but if you  adjust your perspective you will notice that it already surrounds you. Here is a poem by Steffany Barton that explains the simple process of just noticing your blessings:


“Feathers on the path, pennies on the ground
Signs of spirit can always be found,
Numbers, songs, a flash of light,
Chills, dreams, whispers in the night
You are loved, surrounded, watched over with care.
Angels are with you....

Please know that those we love and have lost
Watch, guide, and send blessings
From on high.


Seeing the signs is about taking charge of your own life. Your higher self is programmed to make you a greater person through your actions when you’re able to connect to it. Look and listen for the cues it will give you to grab your attention to ensure you that you’re on the right path in life. Never feel like you have to do it alone, because there is help all around you to make the very best of your life right now.



Throughout each day of your life, stop and take time to notice the signs. Think about what they are trying to tell you. Listen to your higher self, and then follow your inner guidance.