Sep. 1, 2015



As I think about the wonderful opportunity that lies ahead and the wonderful life I've played a huge part in creating, I think about one of the most important parts of it all, vacation. There is absolutely nothing in this world like a vacation. Sad thing is, america for the most part, has forgotten how much it means to be able to take time off to travel and see new places. The interesting thing is that people in Europe, Asia, Austrailia etc. are getting 4- 6 weeks vacation a year. The awesome thing is that they are encouraged to use it. Where as in the U.S. you're offered two weeks, sometimes not even paid, and often you have to deal with a boss who does'nt want you to leave. Well here is what I say to that. Vacation is an art! It's food to the human soul. It replenishes your spirit after months of monotony. It's a healthy charge that ultimately gives you new life. It's the most significant reason for why you need to take it regularly. It only makes you a more happier, well rounded individual. Don't just settle for two weeks either. Push the buck a bit. If you manage your finances right, get a bonus, or have some extra money coming in, put it aside into a savings account and title it "VACATION FUND." Like anything else in life, it's just a matter of being creative. Once you learn how to think outside the box, you'll be finding ways to get away on weekends and then weeks at a time. The thing I would like most for all of you is to have the opportunity to see the undiscovered parts of this beautiful place we live in called Earth. Many many adventures await you!

To abundant peace, love and success,

SRG <3