Aug. 28, 2015



The ability to think is one of God's greatest gifts we could ever receive. But as they always say, too much of a good thing can do serious damage. Overthinking something can create a world of stress in your life because eventually what takes place is that your mind loses it's control to be positive and at peace. Once you allow it to break loose in this capacity you'll find that negative thoughts will bombard you like an avalanche of snow pummeling down a mountain. At first thought this seems like something that is absolutely disastrous, but it does'nt have to happen. The key is relaxation and a resolute position that says: "I'M GOING TO THINK ABOUT THIS RIGHT NOW AND MAKE A DECISION." When you get caught up in your own head, you tend to lose all of your personal power. You could be living the best life, but then your mind begins to play tricks on you. You begin to question everything that pops up in your head. It's not the best of situations. But there's light at the end of this tunnel. If you're caught in this debacle, STOP!! Breathe, breathe, breathe and breathe some more. Meditate on the truth that you have absolutely everything you need in that moment. I'm here to tell you, if you have food, shelter and life, you're doing fantastic. I've said before, never live outside of the moment whether it's in the past or future. It can only lead to stress. Another option to not overthink is to take time to journal. Writing can be extremely therapeutic when you allot time to do it. Just understand that you were not meant to control everything in life, sometimes the greatest way to take control is releasing it and realizing you don't always need to have it. Be at peace knowing that with the right mindset and proper thinking, EVERYTHING WILL ALWAYS WORK OUT FOR YOUR BEST!

To abundant peace, love and success

SRG <3