Aug. 26, 2015



An INSIDE JOB. Translation: someone or something is involved in inner work that will get the job done, whatever it may be. Why is this relevant to us? Our soul does the same thing to our minds and bodies. Slowly but surely, when we connect to the purest part of our being, (soul) it will permeate the rest of our being. (body and mind) You need not look outside yourself because all of the answers lie within when you're discipline enough to meditate on the Divine information that is being offered to you. Evolution from the inside transforms us internally and externally as well as the way we see the conditions surrounding us. So where do we begin? With our questions. I've always believed, "A person who has all the answers has not delved far enough into the soul of a human being. But one who consistently asks questions enjoys the voyage of the never ending human consciousness." This poses a great point. Some things are meant to be enigmatic in nature and that's the beauty of them, but we are meant to question what is truth so we can comprehend what it truly means to us on a deeper level. All of this lies within your own heart that acts as a beacon for unlimited concepts for inspired and fruitful living. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LOOK WITHIN! CLOCK IN AND TAKE THE INSIDE JOB! Start with theses questions, How can I be better, What can I do differently, Am I on the right track, Why is this true, etc.? Soon you'll find your way to a spiritual transformation that makes living a greater experience, without as well as within.

To abundant peace, love and success

SRG <3