Aug. 26, 2015



It's easy to get mixed up on what the purpose of our lives should be and look like. For me after a continual spiritual evolution over the last 10 years, I truly believe we are meant to EXPRESS AND EXPAND ourselves in the most authentic way. How do we start? We look within first to find the truest part of ourselves. That part that resonates on the level of the creator. Reason being is, once we're at this point we don't need anything. Rather our focus hones in on giving. When we give of ourselves and our resources we express ourselves wholeheartedly and expand in the process. The art of giving creates such an electric current of happiness that moves through the soul that it's almost impossible to describe. But this is the place where you want to reside as much as you can. When focused upon giving, you will never have to worry about needs being met because by Universal Law all of your needs and then some will be met. When we talk about expression we're also discussing our life's purpose. Expression makes our soul sing! It cries out to the rest of the world, "HEAR ME, I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY THAT WILL HELP YOU." To express yourself completely, focus on expanding through meditation and experiencing a connection with those around you. Every chance you get, stop for a moment. Take this time to LOOK, LISTEN AND FEEL. Take a deep breath and experience the vibrancy of all you come into contact with. This will not only create more of a loving person within you, but a person who can effortlessly EXPRESS AND EXPAND!

To Abundant Peace, Love and Success

SRG <3