Aug. 24, 2015



What does the title above make you think of? For me when I first discovered it, I fully comprehended it as a person of infallable inner peace. Not only is it that, but it's also the formula for consistent manifestation of things that bring value to our lives. These three areas are what create the lives that we want. More importantly they keep us in a place of gratitude and tranquility, allowing us not to get too caught up in what we can achieve. That's the amazing thing about effortless realization (manifestation) we do our part and leave the rest up to Infinite Intelligence. A great quote that I do my best to live by today is, "Life is like a boomerang. Whatever you throw out comes right back to you." Everything you see in your life is a reflection of you! If you have and or are ready to take that full responsibility, you have unlimited power available to you to change your life. It is that simple. You are in control of your thoughts, words and actions. These three elements of manifestation are your boomerang. So, with that being said what do we mean by QUIET MIND? This indicates stillness. You have come to a place where mindfulness takes over and you are in control of your thoughts. You focus on your breath and allow only thoughts that serve your positive evolution to enter your mind. That brings us to OPEN HEART. This is mainly about the realization that we are all connected in love. An open heart allows your soul to progress to a point of becoming a storage center for unconditional love. You embrace it within yourself and it reflects out on the world. And lastly, RELAXED BEING. Having a relaxed being means that you are grounded with the earth and conjoined with it's infinite energetic patterns. You feel things even before they happen. The heartbeat of mother earth fills your soul with her pure essence. You walk with confidence knowing that with all three of these beneficial concepts you are in true alignment with the highest power available. These are yours anytime you want them!

To abundant peace, love and success

SRG <3