Aug. 24, 2015



Everyone has something that their heart desires to have. It's only human nature. One thing people sometimes miss though is the process of detachment from that desire. Now, I'm sure you've heard about it beforehand, but I'll reiterate on it again, just in case you have'nt. Detach does'nt mean to forget, but to not be attatched to a specific outcome. Often times whenever we try to take control from God (Universe) as to how something should manifest, we hinder ourselves from receiving it. We must recognize that God sees all, knows all and experiences beginning, middle and ending all at the same time. I like my chances alot better knowing that I can trust whatever shows up is the very best for me. Becoming aware of that truth allows you to relax and consistently remain in a peaceful state of mind. This is the ultimate state of manifestation. Florence Scovel Schinn, a great mind and teacher of the past once said, " Don't let your desire become your disease." In this profound statement I believe what she is trying to convey is don't let it overtake your life. Be happy about where you are and what you have. More importantly, be thankful. Gratitude opens the door of life to immense blessings! Never lose sight of that and you will manifest all of your desires. In the end, detach be free and allow your goals and dreams to come to you in the best way possible.

To Abundant Peace, love and Success

SRG <3