Aug. 19, 2015



Most people don't feel like they're what you would call creative individuals, but the truth of the matter is that we are all creative in a large capacity. And just like A body builder works his muscles in the gym, we've got to work that creative muscle in every aspect of our lives. Creative thinking can flood your life with a plethora of opportunities. Often times, they are sitting right in front of us and we don't recognize them until we come out of the standard proverbial box that most people allow their thoughts to dwell in. It's the simplest thing to apply it to your life. Do things differently than you have been doing. Open your mind to new ways of, for example, routes to and from home, morning routines, etc. You could even go as far as adding new things to your life that will enhance your creativity. Brain games are always fun! One of my favorites is taking a letter of the alphabet each day and writing as many words as I possibly can in two minutes. This will really get the brain moving towards thinking out of the box. We could sit here and talk all day about the benefits of creative thinking, but the bottom line is that your livelihood greatly depends on it. It could be the difference between an extradordinary career or mediocre one, a flourishing relationship or one that loses it's zest, or a person who excells consistently as opposed to someone who just goes through the motions. Find numerous ways to implement creative thinking into your life and relish in the ways it changes it for the better!

To abundant peace, love and success

SRG <3