Aug. 18, 2015



Every time you look outside the present moment you rob yourself of the unlimited joy that exists RIGHT NOW! We often trip ourselves up by thinking ahead, when all we need to do is move our attention to the now, so we can realize that we have exactly everything that we need. That's when the fun begins to happen. Somewhere along the line someone thought it would be a fantastic idea to always think ahead and the majority of the people decided to follow suit. So if you ever wondered where stress came from, now you know lol. All joking aside, it's to our benefit to always return to the present moment where the ultimate joy lies. If you can clearly look at this moment in time and come to the conclusion that you have everything you need, then get as happy as you can. Before you know it, like attracts like, and you've discovered the building block for a wonderful day. It's that simple, moment to moment one day at a time, no more no less. I ask that you practice all types of mindfulness activities that will keep you in the now. Observe people, plants, and animals etc. Now I'm not saying stare people down, but gently observe how surprisingly connected you are to them when you live in the present. In closing, the best part about this whole process is not just the joy you'll find, but the unlimited amount of peace and tranquility.


To Abundant peace, love and success

SRG <3