Aug. 17, 2015



Does it ever seem like some people have good luck surrounding them and every situation they're involved in all of the time? Well, there's a wonderful explanation for that. When we are aligned with our true purpose in life, this thing we call "luck" works in our favor in absolutely everything that we do. Reason being is that purpose will promote complete clarity. You know who you are, you know what you're capable of and you know what you're on this earth to do. Now it may take some time to reach this point, but the more you pursue it the more ideas will present themselves to you to figure out what your purpose is exactly. Growing up my mom used to always say, "WHAT GOD HAS FOR YOU IS FOR YOU! NO ONE CAN EVER DISPUTE THAT." Now I know that if I am truly in alignment, there is no one that can challenge what has been divinely set in place for me. So how do we get to this place of alignment? First off, just be happy! Smile, take pleasure in life and watch the beauty unfold before your eyes. Second, discover what you are truly passionate about. What creates excitement for you? What has you jumping out of bed to get your day started? Most importantly, what asset of yours presents the most value to the people around you? All of these are clues to staying in alignment with your purpose. The wonderful thing is that as everything falls in place things will begin to work immensely in your favor.

To abundant peace, love and success

SRG <3