Aug. 17, 2015



Pain is a very interesting thing. At first glance it would seem like something we would try to avoid at all cost, but for the most part it's something that we should all learn to embrace. Every time I've experienced pain it's brought me into a place of deep introspection. Over the years, I've realized how beneficial it has been in helping me direct my life in a progressive way. When it comes to it, at that point, all you have is your thoughts and the inner wisdom that resides within the subconcious mind. Great thing is that you can hear all of them (thoughts) as they filter themselves into the conscious mind. There's an old saying that goes, "We can hear God speak the loudest when we're at our lowest point." Now, this is completely true, I believe, but why should it happen when we're at our lowest point? This is what brings me to the title of this entry: THE BEAUTY OF INTROSPECTION. Introspection is something that should take place everyday as many times as you're able to do it. It gives us the power to look at our lives from a higher perspective. It helps us to right our wrongs, coorect our mistakes and reinvent our blueprint for living a fulfilled life. All it takes is just a few minutes when you wake up, when you're in your car driving, before you go to bed or on your lunch break. Here is just an example of a few questions you can ask yourself: "AM I LIVING MY LIFE'S PURPOSE? HOW CAN I MAKE A GREATER IMPACT ON OTHERS? WHAT INSPIRES ME TO BE BETTER EVERY SINGLE DAY? WHAT DO I LOVE THE MOST? IS MY LIFE THE WAY I WANT IT TO BE? IF NOT, HOW CAN I BE BETTER?" There are so many questions we can ask ourselves on a daily basis. It's to our benefit to do so because questions are the catalysts that changes lives. In closing, make it a priority to participate in introspective interrogation at every moment you have available. In doing so you will find beauty, clarity and insight in a place you should find it in an unlimited capacity, within yourself!

To abundant peace, love and success

SRG <3