Aug. 6, 2015



Hmmmm....What are we going to do with that pestering self doubt that always tries to rear it's ugly head? Simple, we replace it with immense amounts of self love. Doubt can stop us from reaching so many wonderful things that have been Divinely planned for us. All it takes is just one self imposed limit to stop us from progressing forward. A great man once said, that God gives everyone a weakness so they can eventually turn it into a strength. This is true, but only when you're confident with the package you've been given. Look back on your life. What have you accomplished thus far by simply believing? Revisit that time and experience it over and over again. Begin to use your imagination to propel you forward in life past any obstacles or impediments. The choice is always yours, not your family, not your friends, not your colleagues, not strangers you don't know. YOU DECIDE! And when you decide, the right people will follow your lead. Today each chance you get, continually repeat: "I love myself unconditionally and all things for me are possible." Soon you will begin to realize as Michael Jordan once said..."LIMITS LIKE FEARS, ARE OFTEN JUST ILLUSIONS...YOU CAN'T PLAY INTO THEM!"

To Abundant peace, love and success

SRG <3