Aug. 5, 2015



For a time there people thought you were absolutely nuts to take the time to talk to yourself, but now it's something that we must take the time out to do whenever we think of it. Truth betold, we are our own greatest cheerleader in this life and you've got to consistently motivate yourself to new heights each chance you get. That brings me to the topic of today's blog: "INNER DIALOGUE CREATES OUTER CIRCUMSTANCE." This is so important because the way you talk to yourself will control your subconcious behavior. Why is subconcious behavior so important to you? Simply put, it is the things you do that most times you're unaware of or are your automatic responses to the things and people around you. We tend to do this negatively all of the time. We scare ourselves into believing something will happen and we repeat it put emotion behind it and voila! It manifests itself as reality. The awesomeness is that it can work in a positive way as well. When you get a chance tell yourself all day long, "I'm proud of you, I'm happy with who you are, You are extremely confident, You are going to do great things in this life, You are beautiful." Use I am if it works better for you. But you get the picture. Before long you will start to exude qualities that promote these type of actions consciously and subconsciously. For you, the results will blow your mind. In the end, keep your dialogue positive and it will pay massive dividends for you and everyone else.

To abundant peace, love and success

SRG <3