Jul. 31, 2015



The term expert is thrown around with so many people. What's interesting is that most people only know what a portion of being an expert is all about. Let's look at an example. There are two very skilled businessmen working at a huge corporation. Both men are highly educated, are very smart and both are skilled at what they do. But for some reason one excells numerous times more than the other. What type of reasons do you think makes this possible? Well, when we take a closer look we find that the man who excells prides himself on relationship building while the other man tries not to get too involved with his clients(IF PEOPLE LIKE YOU, THEY WILL SEEK YOU OUT. The man that excells trusts his intelligence over his book knowledge and is often times right on the money, when the other man can't wrap his mind around getting away from what the book tells him. (THERE'S NO BOOK ON GUT INSTINCT. SOMETIMES FEELING AND ACTING ON IT IS BETTER THAN ANYTHING YOU'VE EVER LEARNED IN A CLASSROOM.) One man makes sure he takes the weekends and nights off to have a life outside of the business. He knows that if his mind is always trapped in one place it will kill his ability to create and problem solve in original ways. ( ANY JOB THAT IS OVERWORKING YOU IS KILLING YOU SLOWLY) Now, the point here is, it's not always about the tangible things that make the expert. It's the intangible things in a person. Their ability to see it all differently, make it work as well as make it enjoyable. When you think about being the expert, look within and think long and hard what people are'nt doing and what separates you. The beauty in it all is, it often involves being the highest version of yourself, your true self. It's your purpose to bring a whole new meaning to the phrase: BEING THE EXPERT!

To abundant peace, love and success

SRG <3