Jul. 27, 2015



As we near the end of the month at this point in the year, one of the biggest things that will stand out to us is our progress. Where are we now as opposed to the beginning of the year? What changes have we made? How does our life look different? Now, this can be dangerous waters when it comes to this kind of introspection, but it can also be an uplifting experience. Reason being is, all we have to do is focus on our choices to determine where our lives need to change. And in most cases these are the small choices we choose to make on a daily basis. Think about the title for a moment..."SMALL STEPS, BIG IMPACT." This is where your focus should lie when dealing with goal achievement. No huge goal has ever been achieved without zeroing in on the small steps to get there. If I want to be in a great marriage, then every moment I have to find ways to create a great relationship. If I want a thriving business then I have to take time to research, market and take action on my ideals. Lastly, if I want to get in shape every piece of food that goes into my mouth will affect that. Our goal in life is not to always hit the home run, but to take the single or double and advance when we see the opening (for all you baseball fans.) If we are very strategic about our choices and recognize how important the small steps are, the big impact will take care of itself. Write a list down of all the small steps (or goals) you can embark on to make your life move into the direction you want it to go. Visualize as much as you can, feel it with deep emotion as much as you can and then let it go. The arrival of it all will surprise you in the best way possible. In closing, always be mindful that SMALL STEPS, equal BIG IMPACT in the game of life.

To abundant peace, love and success

SRG <3