Jul. 23, 2015



Have you ever felt like you wanted to get as far away from someone, some place or something as fast as you can? Only to find out that all of your attempts to depart were futile in nature. Well, there's a very important reason for all of this that can sometime seem like God is playing a game of shenanigans at your expense. When it seems as if we are "stuck" somewhere, it's only because we have to develop our character more in that particular setting or relationship. This is a theme that has taken precedence at every point of transition in my life. At first, the frustration of turning my wheels in circles could have discouraged me, but through deep introspection and prayer I began to ask myself "WHAT MORE IS THERE FOR ME TO LEARN." That becomes the significance in your ordeal. When you are able to ask the right questions, all of the right answers show up in your life one way or another. When I received a response that said, "BLOSSOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED" I knew there was more character building to be done as well as more lives to infuence in a positive way. What proverbial maze are you standing in today that may have you feeling stuck? Are you feeling like the only ray of light in a sea of darkness? If so, look within deeply, and ask yourself the question how can I "BLOSSOM WHERE I AM PLANTED." Don't hesitate to act when you receive your ideas in the form of revelation or universally synchronized events.

To abundant peace, love and success

SRG <3