Jul. 21, 2015



Meditation has been so wonderful for me especially in the last year and a half. Eventhough it takes place around 3:30am every morning I feel like it has helped me capture the true essence of who I really am. Have you ever wondered what that truly means? To me, it's our ability to understand that we were put on this earth to grow, expand, and fulfill a purpose while being happy as it takes it's course. Truth is, none of us need anything but to expand in our own authenticity. Plainly put, FOLLOW WHAT YOUR PASSIONATE ABOUT AND HAVE FUN WITH IT! Interestingly enough, as I was connecting to my higher self this morning, I was reminded that everything that I truly need will come to me as long as I stay in alignment with my higher purpose.  I find this beyond amazing, because even if I get off track the Creator is always there to guide me back to where I need to be. All you need to do is ASK, AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE! Take the time out today to find out what makes you happiest without needing anything from the outside. What fills your heart with joy? What overflows your mind with peace? What allows you to CAPTURE YOUR TRUE ESSENCE?

To abundant Peace, Love & Success

SRG <3