Jul. 20, 2015



This is likely one of the biggest lessons I have ever learned in my life. So much stress and anxiety is removed when we realize that we don't have to kill ourselves trying to get things every single day of our lives. Yet, if we come from a place of gratitude and focus on what we can create to inspire others to live their best, we get everything we need and then some. Plainly put, when you take the seriousness out of life, it becomes much more enjoyable. You know for a fact that you have worked on yourself your entire life. Take what you've learned and use it to develop things that can make a positive difference. It's that simple. The only things you wil ever really need in life is already yours. See everything else as a bonus and more importantly have fun with it. I encourage you today to reach out to ten people and give them something of yours. It does'nt have to be a tangible resource, it can be absolutely anything. A GRACIOUS THOUGHT IS PLENTY! Focus on coming from a place that says," I HAVE EVERYTHING THAT I NEED, AND I AM HERE TO GIVE AND CREATE...BECAUSE ULTIMATELY THROUGH GIVING AND CREATING IS WHERE I RECEIVE THE MOST." When I tell you that life changes drastically with this perspective, it's never been more true than it is right now if you take the time to make this  adjustment in your mindset.

To Abundant Peace, love and success

SRG <3