Jul. 17, 2015



The title of this posting can kinda seem a bit in your face, but the truth behind it serves a purpose like no other. COMMIT OR QUIT! One of the biggest challenges in life is learning how to discipline ourselves in order to get things done. Here's where committment comes in. It ensures us, just as much as passion, that we will see things through no matter what may happen. We are 110% committed to making things work no matter what direction they may be heading towards. There's a vibrational change within the Universe that takes pace when we are unwaveringly focused. That change in mindset opens our eyes to numerous possibilities to occur in order for us to experience what we desire. I can think over the course of my life that when I've been all in with something, the changes have been drastic as far as it's potential to grow into something special. This is important because it proves a significant point about life: THERE'S A FINE LINE BETWEEN SUCCESS AND FAILURE, AND IT USUALLY INDICATES HANGING ON WHEN MOST PEOPLE ARE LETTING GO! When you observe the other side of the spectrum, it's interesting to see how life can get trapped in limbo when we're half in, half out. The energy of this selection tells the Universe: "DON'T GIVE ME ANYTHING WORTHWHILE BECAUSE I DONT FEEL LIKE I CAN COMMIT TO SEE IT'S FRUITION COME TO LIFE." As harsh as this may sound, it's beneficial for you and me to do everything we can to work on living the exact opposite. So remember ladies and gents, GO ALL IN, OR GET ALL OUT and COMMIT COMPLETELY OR QUIT SUCCINCTLY!

To Abundant Peace, love and success

SRG <3