Jul. 16, 2015



All you have to do is STAY THE COURSE. In previous blog posts, I spoke about how the Universe works best through order. Well we can create order in our lives  by making sure we are always on track with that which is synonomous with our life's purpose. The amazing thing is all you really need to do is trust your felings. What I mean by that is, where do you you feel your best? What is it that you do that brings the absolute best out of you? Knowing these things becomes important when there are decisions to be made. The more we are in touch with our true emotions, the easier it is to find the right path. There will be times where people as well as things try and knock you off course, but at the end of it all breathe deeply and put yourself back in a place of peace. WHEN PEACE IS PRESENT, GOOD DECISIONS ARE MADE. Never try and control the outcome, but always remember to control whatever it is that you're able to. Before you know it, one door after another will open itself up to you. This wisdom comes from the deepest part of my heart in the purest since. Remember, life may not always be easy but it is simple when you always take the time to do what's best for you and always...STAY THE COURSE!

To Abundant Peace, love and success

SRG <3