Jul. 15, 2015



Love and gratitude are two of the most powerful concepts within our Universe. When the two of them come together, magic happens. You can feel them anytime, anywhere, any place you desire to experience them. There is immense power in both. So much so that the daily practice of these immeasurable powerhouses of feeling will create a life of peace and joy.  This is where the power comes in at. Reason being is that, if you can experience anything in life from a state of peace and joy, you are ten steps ahead of most people. Our emotions, although very important, can cloud us from seeing thebigger picture at times. Love and gratitude, together, opens us up to the infallable realization that EVERYTHING unfolds in our favor to help us and the others around us. This is basically most of what you need to live a good life. The object is to regularly find ways of bringing more gratitude and love to your life. As I woke up today at 3:15 am, other than the thought of wow, it's really early. The first thing that came to mind was thank you and I love you. Thank you because I am forever grateful for this life I've been blessed with and all that comes apart of it. And I love you because unconditional self love breeds confidence within and respect for others. From that place each and everyday, I can live a life that impacts everyone and everything I come into contact with. I encourage you to not not only do the same, but find love and gratitude any and everywhere in your life. You deserve to live a life overflowing with peace and joy, but also a life that is powered by love and gratitude.

To Abundant peace, love and success

SRG <3