Jul. 14, 2015



The law of polar opposites states that everything that exists has an equal polar opposite. Now, that might have went right over your head because it sounded like I just repeated myself,lol. But what this means to you is that we live in a parallel universe with many different realities happening concurrently. Plainly put, every down has an up, every bad has a good, every dark has a light etc. What they don't teach you anywhere is that the only thing that separates these polar opposites is PERSPECTIVE. One thing you must always understand about the Universe is that when it comes to nature (including us) things are set up in the most simplest yet effective way possible. We can only get confused if we choose not to search for what truly matters, order, beauty, love and abundance. The reason why this law is so important to you is because t allows you to know that through all situations you face, there is a favorable outcome that exists. Often times, your patience and your ability to flow with life will bring you right to it. Never get discouraged about anything because somehow it all fits into a bigger Divine plan that is geared towards benefiting everyone. So, the next time you feel yourself feeling down, change your perspective and pick yourself up. Or the next time it seems like your walking in pure darkness, ask for guidance to see the light and wait for the signs. I leave you with this very important truth today...."LIFE DOES NOT ALWAYS GIVE US WHAT WE WANT, BUT IT MAKES READILY AVAILABLE TO US EVERYTHING WE NEED."

To Abundant Peace, love and success

SRG <3Cool