Jul. 13, 2015



How do you know, for sure, when it's time to leave a job, place or relationship? The formula I like to use is a thing I call "NO GROWTH, NO STAY." The objective in life is to continually be challenged in a way that keeps you evolving towards fulfilling your higher purpose. We have to be the ones to take a consistent look at where we are to determine if it's still right for us. Throughout the evaluation we must be patient as well as honest with ourselves. This will ensure that we are clear minded enough to make the right decsion for everyone involved. It's easy to fall victim into staying somewhere or with someone out of convenience, but truly think about the time you're wasting in a life where you only get one chance to live your best. YOU ARE INTELLIGENT AND MORE THAN CAPABLE to wake up each morning with a smile on your face eager to enjoy the life that you have created. The simple thing is, it does'nt have to be a drastic move. Start small with an evaluation. WRITE DOWN 20 THINGS YOU WANT IN A JOB, PLACE, OR RELATIONSHIP. If you're unable to find at least 17 in your current state, look elsewhere. Trust your intuition! Deep down you will know when you're not tapping your true potential. Ask for guidance and excitingly look forward to the synchronicity that will take place when you're aligned with God's purpose for yourself. YOU DESERVE IT! YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO CONTINUE TO GROW DAILY...If not then, "NO GROWTH, NO STAY."