Jul. 11, 2015



"BE LIKE WATER MY FRIEND, YOU CAN FLOW OR YOU CAN CRASH. WHEN YOU'RE IN A CUP, BECOME THE CUP. TAKE THE SHAPE OF WHATEVER YOU'RE SURROUNDED BY." Bruce Lee said it best in an interview he conducted in his prime. The first time I heard the message, it resonated so deeply within my consciousness. I knew he was discussing the flow of life. I watched the interview about fifty times just to be sure I was'nt missing anything. From that moment on, I vowed to live my life in this capacity. I find myself so fortunate to be in a position where I was able to consistently find treasures of wisdom that would make life that much easier. This was one that definitely possessed immeasurable magnitude. The biggest lesson I have learned from being like water is learning how to deal with resistance. Now there are some cases where water is so powerful it will obliterate anything in it's path, but in most cases, just as Bruce Lee stated, it moves freely with grace and with ease. As with resistance, YOU NEVER PUSH BACK! You use your creativity, calmness, and intelligence to flow around, over, under or to the sides to get where you need to go in life. I encourage you on this day to find your flow in life and be like water. Things begin to open themselves up to you in the most optimal way possible. Every time in my life when I have surrendered to taking the highest vibrational path, Everyone involved eventually wins. That is what it comes down to. Living your life to where you are not only uplifting yourself, but you are uplifting others. I leave you with the powerful truth that states.."WHEN YOU COPY THE ESSENCE OF WATER, YOU UNDERSTAND THE TRUE MEANING OF HOW LIFE WORKS." 

To Abundant Peace, Love and Success

SRG <3 Cool