Jul. 10, 2015



I wrote this 10 years ago after Hurricane Katrina. Thank God I followed my own advice :-)

Sometimes you jus gotta go out and get what you're wanting, even if the task at hand seems daunting, because if you dont, the regret you live with can be haunting. You have to take it upon urself to take a chance; bcuz an opportunity can disappear in a glance. At some point you have to take a shot; bite the bullet, and hopefully hit the right spot. Got to believe that everything around and inside you feels right, in order to attempt a maximum effort with out fright. Even if the things you endeavor may seem complex, I guarantee after you take that leap of faith you'll ask yourself what's next!. So go out there and get what you got to get; be strong, firm, and tough but just dont quit. In the long run you'll come to appreciate, the things you've accomplised that were so great. In your heart you displayed the passion that helped you achieve; you saw it, believed it, and now you shall receive. All of the things that you have desired for such a long while; you can sit back, be thankful, and enjoy everything with a big wide smile...lol :-)

To abundant Peace, Love, and success

SRG <3