Jul. 9, 2015



There are things in this life that are considered hidden treasures. Wisdom is one of them. Wisdom is most commonly thought of as something that is accumulated through experience, yet it is just the opposite. Your divine nature allows you to tap the unlimited wells of truth that the Universe has to offer to us. But a bigger question is how do we get there? About a year and a half ago I began a journey in meditation that absolutely changed my life to this day. It all started with a simple five minute breathing exercise (CAN BE EXPLAINED IN THE EMPOWER PRODUCTIONS SECTION- "POWER WITH PEACE") that calmed me down in a way that was out of this world. Not only was I more laid back, but physically my health got better and mentally I was as sharp as a kitchen knife. So much of my ability to use my senses enhanced itself in a way that was unexplainable. One of the biggest benefits was the amount of peace I found in the ability to quiet my mind. Once in that state of mind the Divine knowledge and wisdom started to come into my heart and mind immensely. This is when I had the revelation of "FIND WISDOM IN PEACE." Wisdom and peace go together like faith and action. All it takes is a few minutes, a few breaths and the patience to watch the magic unfold as an infinite amount of untapped resources are fed into your soul.

To Abundant Peace, love and success,

SRG <3 Smile