Jul. 8, 2015



When we think about the most important thing in life, it's not necessarily money or things. It's something we all have the ability to access for free on a daily basis. It's also something that gives us the strength, love, inspiration, and encouragement we need to survive. Well, if you have'nt guessed it from the title yet, you know that I'm referring to relationships. Relationships, without a doubt, need to be the treasures of our lives. By no means is this considered an option, but rather a necessity. Imagine for a moment what life would be like without your most important relationships today. It's a lot like taking the teachers out of a school and expecting kids to be better on their own. When we come into romantic, plutonic, or professional companionship with ohers we grant ourselves the opportunity to learn the most about ourselves and the people that surround us. It's a life long process that's worth every moment when you think of the return you receive on the time, love and appreciation you've invested in another person. Remember, "RELATIONSHIPS ARE THE SPARKS THAT IGNITE THE FIREWORKS OF THE SOUL." Pour your heart into anyone that's able to receive the natural relational nourishment you're willing to give, because ultimately "RELATIONSHIPS MATTER MOST."

To Abundant Peace, Love and Success.

SRG <3