Jul. 7, 2015



The interesting thing about goals and dreams is the things we accumulate along the way. Baggage is often seemed as something that can be a possible detriment to where you want to go in life, but if we look just a bit closer into it we can understand that we would not be the people we are today without it. We can almost liken it to medals a soldier receives for is participation and triumph in battle. Like those medals, each bit of our baggage represents something we had to overcome and use to our advantage in order to become greater people. As you can see in the video above, life is alot like running a 60 yard hill with a weighted bag on your back. But that should'nt stop you from running full speed ahead towards your goals. Take every bit of baggage you've ever incurred and take the moment to find ways to make it work in your favor. The law of Relativity states that, "NOTHING IS EVER GOOD OR BAD UNTIL WE DECIDE IT IS SO..." Right now, decide that no matter what weight you may be carrying with you, you will pick it up and allow it to make you stronger and RUN TOWARDS YOUR DREAMS AT FULL SPEED!

To Abundant peace, love, and success