Jul. 6, 2015



For about 10 years I have consistently found myself running after something that I eventually found out that I possessed already, freedom. Mainstream tells us that the definition of freedom is to do what you want to, when you want to, how you want to and whereever you want to. Let's think about that for a moment though. Is this freedom or dysfunction? We live in a universe that predicates itself on its ability to run in perfect order. The reason being is that everything that runs in order has the potential to run smoothly and peacefully. This is what we need to focus our lives upon. We should always be aware that freedom is not a billion dollars waking up whenever you feel like it etc. etc. but rather the capacity to be at peace and joyful in the most mundane of tasks. Neale Donald Walsch said it best..."YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED, THE MOMENT YOUR HEAD LEAVES YOUR PILLOW IN THE MORNING." Freedom exists here and now for you and me, always. Look no more because it's not something you will find outside of you but rather in your own heart, mind, and everyday dealings. WHERE CAN YOU EXPERIENCE FREEDOM? Take joy in finding out for yourself 🙂

To Abundant peace, love, and success.