Jul. 4, 2015



As I'm finishing up my meditation and workout this morning, I receive the revelation: WHAT RHYMES WITH PASSION?...Hmmm, I think for a moment. Then I receive the answer, ACTION! To my surprise I'm like WTH! Then I hear an inner voice that says, think about it Shaun. What use is it to have passion without action? It's like having a ferarri with no gas, you can't get anywhere. My proposal to you is to take the passion you have and take any type of action that is relevant to your goals. If no one ever told you, successful achievement is far from perfect. The paths are infinite as well as winding. KNOW THAT YOU CAN NEVER FAIL, you can only gain experience as to what works and what does'nt work. The beauty of all this in its entirety is that you can have so much fun with the process. Think about one thing today you can take action on that's in alignment with your passion. Writing down ideas to start Monday is taking action, taking a walk to open your creative channel is another, posting a blog tha inspires others is another. The opportunities are endless. Small steps turn into big leaps and success is progressive. Relish in your passion today and take action to ignite it's flourishment to the world.

To Abundant Peace, love and Success

Shaun Grant B.M.T.S. Cool