Jun. 21, 2017

One of the greatest things about life is it's unpredictability. But, if we're not prepared to respond in a way that will serve our development, we can easily get wrapped up in a labyrinth of confusion and suffering....But you know what? IT NEVER HAS TO BE THAT WAY, AND here's how you can make it a reality.

Bruce Lee once taught us to be like water. Be shapeless, be formless and move with the flow of all things. In this flow, you will find the greatest peace. I would like to draw your attention to something much similar, and it's called BEING PLANTLIKE. When we think about plants most of us see them as nature's decoration to beautify our earth, as well as givers of unlimited oxygen. But, if we look closer, plants are one of the greatest teachers of how to live life to the fullest.

Plants teach us that if we are ever going to grow and evolve into our highest potential, our foundational roots have to be the strongest. It's not the branches on the outside that count, but the roots' ability to absorb everything that will help it grow. Speaking of branches, plants know when to prune parts of itself away when it's not SERVING IT'S GREATER PURPOSE! This is one of the greatest lessons any of us can ever learn. When people, jobs, relationships, places or anything that doesn't serve our highest good, think of how a tree lets it's branch go with LOVE.

Last but not least, plants understand how to adapt to the seasons. They understand time to go inward, time to harvest, time to weather the storms, and when it's time to blossom. When we first moved into our home a few years back, we planted a few seeds out back. On most days, for quiet time, we spent hours watching them evolve. When it rained, they stood firm, when it was hot, they stood firm, when it was cold or windy, they would bend but wouldn't break.

From that moment on, I realized that if I modeled the course of my life after plants I would always be in a position to prosper and grow the way my soul desired. Same goes for everyone else. When you decide to be plantlike, you'll be deciding to be generous and someone whose able to grow in all circumstances. Embrace a species that have been here since the beginning of time and always appear to understand what's most important to all of us...THE FLOW OF LIFE!



Shaun Grant

Jun. 15, 2017

When you first look at the title of this blog post, it can seem like I'm a bitter, unsuccessful actor whose crying out for a chance to be in somebody's project so I can show the world my talent. The only problem is, I don't live through my ego. So I don't need to show how successful I've been or I don't need to explain why you should listen to me when I say, AUDITIONING IS COMPLETELY OVERRATED. But if you're willing to read on, I think you will be more inspired than offended.

Auditioning is a prehistoric tool that can be likened to torture as it relates to all of the aspiring actors that desire to be successful stars in the entertainment industry. And then I think about all of the money that actors spend on classes learning to audition for roles. I'm going to give you the secret to a phenomenal audition, but first let's talk about all of that money spent on class after class after class....Hmmmm, what if actors were able to take that money and put it into MARKETING? What if actors were able to take that money and buy a camera to shoot FOOTAGE IN THEIR GREATEST LIGHT? What if actors took that money to travel, and experience the thing that would be the greatest acting teacher of all, LIFE? These are all ideas that I find would serve your career best, as opposed to repeatedly going to cattle calls that are asking you to be anyone other than the amazing you...And that's just it! You are amazing, whether you have 50 credits or two credits...Because your amazingness doesn't come from a casting director telling you that you are, it comes from the Divine intelligence that created you to impact this world with your talent....So, here's the keys to an amazing audition: 1. YOU'RE A STAR ALREADY. YOU DON'T NEED ANYBODY'S JOB OR APPROVAL. 2. BE YOURSELF, NOT THE CHARACTER, AUTHENTICITY ALWAYS WINS. 3. CARE LESS ABOUT THE OUTCOME. IT'S UP TO THE UNIVERSE.

It took me years to realize how simple, yet liberating this process was, and it can be the same for you. Here's another issue with auditioning. It teaches actors to view themselves as employees as opposed to the entreperformers they truly are. How can you ever be successful, or better yet impactful, when you're putting the fate of your entire career & livelihood into the hands of someone else. REFUSE AT THIS POINT, FROM NOW ON TO EVER GIVE AWAY YOUR POWER LIKE THIS.  Start thinking about what serves your progressive development in this industry and ultimate success, as opposed to wasting time with auditions. People have fought me on this for years, but I just got tired of the actor's rat race. I knew, especially after living from my heart center that something had to change...And that's what I did, I cancelled my Actors access, Lacasting, Casting Frontier and upcast accounts. I decided to take a stand instead and carve my legacy to break the norm.

So in getting back to why auditioning is overrated, another important aspect comes to mind. Why not take that money you used to pay for classes to be an audition expert, why not take that money and hire a crew, write a script and make your own film. This may seem like a daunting task, initially, but I once made a movie for under $100. I wrote it, so I knew every aspect of the character needed to give a great performance. You can also! I encourage you right now, to make your mark by thinking like an entrepreneur. Put your faith in yourself, get creative and make your dreams come true! We live in a day and age where there's a festival around the world at least once a month, universities are always screening films, vimeo will allow you to upload your movies for a minimal monthly fee and youtube will allow you to upload any content for FREE!!...With all of this working in your favor, why waste two hours in traffic, waiting room and auditioning, why not write a script. If you need help, put out a memo on Facebook or Craigslist. Point is, you are an unlimited being and your resources are unlimited. Refuse to wait for your big break...CREATE IT!!

In conclusion, I know to some it may sound crazy, but to many it makes sense...It makes a lot of sense. I started a blog because actors need to know that they don't need to take the same road the other 5 million actors are taking. But, they can follow they're heart and open up some of the most innovative ways to expand creatively and find immense joy. All I can say is that I'm excited for what's out there for you. The power is truly in your hands when as an actor you realize auditioning is completely overrated. I leave you with a story that rings true to this concept I'm relaying to you. Billy Bob Thornton came to Hollywood with dreams, like most of us, of being a star and creating an impact in the film industry. No one really took him seriously and he auditioned for years before taking matters into his own hands. ENTER SLING BLADE! Thornton's drive and willingness to shift from the masses led him to write, direct, produce and act in this movie he created. From there, Hollywood took notice and the rest is history. I know...This could be you! What are you waiting for?



Shaun Grant

The Vibrational Actor

Heart Centered Acting

Jun. 10, 2017

My life has transformed more than I could have ever imagined in these last few months. It's filled with so much happiness, fulfillment and peace. But guess what, I don't have a new car, a new house, a million dollars, a lead role in a film, a New York Times bestseller or even a celebrity client. The beauty of this new life is that it has nothing to do with things. Other than weight loss and a few other things, physically nothing has changed, but from a spiritual and emotional standpoint, I'm light years away from who I used to be. For all of this, I can thank the heart centered existence. I stand eternally grateful for this moment to share master keys to true joy and happiness.

For the longest time, I planned on being happy "ONCE SOMETHING HAPPENED." It was always my mantra. I can remember before we bought our home and I looked at our bank account sitting at six figures, I was as empty as ever emotionally. How could I be this unhappy with all of this money in our possession? Well for starters, the universe was showing me the ultimate truth: NOTHING OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF CAN EVER CREATE SUSTAINABLE HAPPINESS AND JOY. This is a spiritual dead end. But then something changed. I felt the greatest urge to meditate and go within. Like really go within. The first few days I was on cloud nine. Then, my past, my childhood, rejections, feelings of unworthiness rose like lava in an active volcano. There were days filled with immense sadness and despair. I didn't understand it, but I did take the time to feel it. Transformation was happening before my eyes. I continued to meditate and what happened next was what has led me to more happiness than I could ever imagine. My heart, as it spoke to me, I began to hear it much more clearly as the loving, divine voice that it is for each and every human being. This time, I decided to listen. Every decision from that point was made from the heart center. From the smallest, to the greatest, my heart has guided every decision I've made. And behind everyone, there has been abundant joy, happiness and support from a universal standpoint. It was almost as if I had decided up to this point to live the hard version of life until a guiding hand opened my eyes to a smoother, more fulfilling path. I stopped one day, and realized, THIS IS THE LIFE WE ARE ALL SUPPOSED TO BE LIVING, ESPECIALLY IF WE DESIRE TRUE HAPPINESS.

So you have to ask yourself, are you truly happy? Do you experience more frustration than ease? Does life seem hard for you? Or has it felt like it will never get better? Do you feel like you need "STUFF OR THINGS" to justify your infinite magnificence? If so, you're right where you need to be. Start by asking your heart what it desires. Go deep within and feel your way to your most inspired, divinely guided direction. From there, a new world filled with unlimited treasure becomes opened to you. Start, now.


Shaun Grant

Heart Centered Love

Apr. 18, 2017

The last few days I have been fortunate enough to truly find out how much peace, relief and liberation lies on the other side of emotional turmoil. This may not be the case for everyone, but for those of us who have held in our deepest feelings without any form of expression, there is a well of happiness that awaits you. In the last blog post I talked a lot about emotional freedom, but I didn't really go into the journey itself and what it takes to get there. So here goes, but first I want to give you a bit of background on me.


I grew up with what I call the "Superhero Syndrome." No matter how bad things ge around you, a man can't show his feelings or look weak in front of anyone. I also was under the impression that crying was the worst thing you could do if you wanted to appear "strong."  Needless to say, all this was leading me to was a one way ticket to heart attack central. You see, you have a heart chakra that needs to be open daily. And the one way to make that happen is to embrace all parts of love. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the terrible, the unbelievable etc. If not, you find your heart hardens over time. I can remember being at funerals and loving the person who had just passed with all of my heart, but I wasn't able to cry. Sadly, even by the time I was seventeen, I always wanted to give this strong image of always being in control, but as I later understood, not if it was going to be a detriment to my health, relationships and ultimately, my happiness. I knew that I had to do something about this. The first was acceptance and it was the most important step. I had to realize that this is my journey my soul chose and I accept it with open arms now and all the good that can come from it if I could find the Divine lesson. Because of that, I'm happy to say that not only are my arms opened, but so is my heart. Because of taking the time to truly feel things, all things, no matter what they are, I am able to live a lighter, happier existence.

Just earlier today I broke down into tears from experiencing so much gratitude for where I am and what I've been through over the course of my life. It hasn't always been easy for me. Hell, it's been at times darkness with no sense of light anywhere. But, I never complained and I always trusted that when we hold onto Divine love, power and guidance, the light eventually finds us. Just to look out onto the ocean and feel so much appreciation for all of the help that God, my wife, my family and my friends have given me, you can see why I couldn't hold back my true emotion. I can honestly say, it's one of the most beautiful things you could ever experience.

So I encourage you greatly, feel everything. Feel the joy of the growth you have made, but also feel the sadness of missing a loved one. Feel the disgust because things didn't go as you planned, but feel the happiness of the time you spend with your loved ones. Either way let the emotion run it's course and allow yourself the power of feeling at peace as soon as it passes. I used to think that positive thinking was the answer to all of my problems. The truth is, it's only a start. The real power lies within emotional feeling and emotional intelligence. The reason being is that it continues to do what was divinely ordered from the time you entered this world: Continue to help you experience unconditional love every moment you're alive.



Shaun Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment

Apr. 1, 2017

We often overlook, as a society, how important our emotional well being is to living a fulfilling life. Heck! Let's just call a spade a spade and realize that you can't live a great life without it. I've come to that point in my life where I've decided to face the emotions I've held down deep for a long time. Thankfully, I didn't explode like a ticking time bomb. But, the beauty in this purging was all the wonderful things that were produced from it. My marriage has been truly amazing since I met my wife six years ago. We've lived an amazing life together and have continued to grow. It's been, without a doubt, a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Throughout our marriage though, there were times where I felt emotionally empty, even almost depressed. The trouble was, I couldn't pin point what was actually causing this vibration. Me being the strong willed person that I am, I combated these emotions with powerful self motivating talk. Even at times pounding myself on the chest to get out of the funk. Often this would work wonders, but after a short period of time, I was physically drained. My wife recognized it alot and the last thing I wanted to be was A BURDEN ON ANYONE ELSE. This was the biggest problem to my emotional freedom.


Growing up in a family with three brothers had it's phenomenal moments and it's challenging moments. Sometimes the challenging times can be so powerful that those are the ones that leave a lasting mark on our evolution. My experience was no different. I watched my two older brothers grow up in an environment where we often had to fear for our lives because of the violence the city (New Orleans) saw over the years. This in itself created a deep fear of anything you couldn't get a handle on. On top of that there was so much pressure to succeed and stay upright that alot of kids just couldn't take it. They turned to crime, drugs, sadly, some even were caught up in the labyrinth of violence. At a young age, you can't really process the toll this takes on you. As I watch more and more of my mom's stress escalate, I knew I had to take it on myself not to ever be a problem. Even if it meant keeping things inwardly and not expressing them. Often times I would do something amazing, I couldn't find myself to celebrate it whatsoever. I carried this on into my adulthood, once again, never being able to enjoy the things that were unfolding before my eyes. Or rather, in the midst of some of the most amazing experiences, I could feel a deep sadness. It wasn't until my wife finally figured out was transpiring, life was truly miserable at times. I'm excited to share with you what has helped me enjoy my life on an abundant level.

We were walking the beach in Paradise Cove, and we stopped and started talking. She told me, I feel like your energy is sad what's causing it? Is it something I did? After I told her it had nothing to do with her, a light bulb went off. She made me promise that I would communicate all that I was feeling. When I tell you it was complete EMOTIONAL LIBERATION! To be able to express myself and not fear being judged for what I was truly feeling was the therapeutic joy I had been wanting for so many years. I could immediately feel that burdensome energy lifting off of me. For years, I had always tried to be the hero who didn't cause trouble, who didn't express weakness or who didn't release how he truly felt. It was as if I had received a second lot on life. No longer am I sad or depressed, or carrying around my childhood issues.

The key for me and for everyone to emotional freedom is in COMMUNICATION. When you can honestly communicate your innermost feelings, you move that emotional cloud of stress, anxiety and sadness. Whether it's your wife, husband, mother, father, friends or siblings, EXPRESS YOUR DEEPEST FEELINGS. This is most true for men because we are taught to be super strong and powerful, but not vulnerable and swimming in our own sensitivity. This is often the result of men becoming abusers of all kind. We must limit this perspective in all of our children from a young age. Part of being a human being is fulfilling the masculine and feminine parts of your soul. Stop at nothing to get this done. Not only you, but your loved ones will profit greatly from your journey.

In the end, everything we need to experience emotional freedom, lies within ourselves. If we can find a way to communicate the depths of our emotional experiences, on the other side lies a magnitude of bliss, peace and joy. CHOOSE TO BE FREE!




Shaun Grant

CEO Uplifter Entertainment