May. 13, 2020

I hope this message finds you well, and even if it doesn’t, maybe at the end of this article it will. I had a breakthrough recently.

One of immense magnitude that revealed to me a place I’ve been searching for, for a very long time.

Now before I get into it a bit more in depthly. I would like to say that it is not a physical place, but more importantly, it’s a place that resides within you as well. Here’s how I got there my friends!!

Like most, I’ve been infatuated with the concept of achievement for most of my life. Achievement for me was truly about approval. The only issue was that because of this, fulfillment was never present for the most part.

I wondered, how much do I have to succeed before I can feel that sense of fulfillment within that I’ve been searching for most of my life? Almost instantly after I posed that question, an answer was dropped into my consciousness:

“My Dear, achievement is a hamster wheel that never ends. True fulfillment comes from the unveiling and unconditional acceptance of your true nature.”

What was my true nature? How could I find it? “Your true nature lies in the very place that it can serve you the best, within yourself.” Wow! I thought to myself. You mean to tell me the answers have been inside of me and I’m just figuring it out? Yep, pretty much! So here’s my request to you:

Cease looking outside for the immeasurable love, happiness, peace and joy that lies within your own soul…

It’s time to get you there! NOW!!!

Take a moment and just get comfortable. Whether you’d like to sit or lie down is completely up to you. The great thing about this place is that there is nothing to get right or there is no action contingent upon whether it shows up for you. It always shows up and is always there. You don’t receive this because of what you do. You receive it because of who you are. Plain and simple!

So for just a moment, unpack all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, identities and past events that have “defined” you up to this point. Those things are not your true self. For a few minutes I’m just going to have you sit and let all of that flow until the mind is tranquil.

Even if those entities decide to come back in, let them flow right back out. I’m reminded of a great quote from Mooji Baba:

“There is no need to fight what is not you. The only reason thoughts, feelings have power over us is because we identify with them. Once we identify with something, we must defend it. Identify with nothing, but your true nature!”

Flashback to your childhood, very early on. None of what you are right now was a part of you. It was not the real you. These are things you picked up along the way from an unawareness of your Divine essence.

Continue to lovingly and ease fully let it all go. What you begin to realize as this process continues is that you are and always have been “awareness.”

You have eternally been the awareness that observes all that unfolds in your life. Everything in your life unfolds before the Divine observer (aka God in you) that is your true nature.

Allow this nature to just be…If you need to just slowly repeat to yourself, “I AM…..I AM….I AM…I AM…” A calmness begins to wash over your entire being and all of the problems begin to dissipate because they don’t have what’s of the greatest importance to your existence:your attention.

You see, “I AM” reveals that you are whole, complete, connected and missing nothing.

When our deeper mind embraces this truth, all the issues of life wash away. Even when they are present, they won’t be for long as we focus on the “I AM” presence within us all.

This is the God-force that is all that is, ever was and ever will be. And it’s your sacred place that lies within you. Sit with it. Allow thoughts to flow as they please because remember, you are not your thoughts, feelings or emotions. You are much greater than that!

When you stay in this presence, or as Mooji calls it “Isness,” naturally you begin to feel immeasurable gratitude, peace and grace. If you’re wondering why, once again, it’s because the God-force lacks nothing and is infinite in every aspect of itself.

That includes you my friends! To know this essence, this true nature is to gradually release all the limits you have ever allowed into your sphere of consciousness.

As I leave you, I lovingly and graciously ask that you dwell as much as you can in this presence. By itself alone has the Divine power to transform your life in unimaginable ways. But don’t take my word for it, experience it for yourself!


Rev. Shaun Grant

“Let Kindness Lead The Way.”

May. 13, 2020

I remember being a child fully able to rely on my Source, that was my parents, at the time.

I never needed anything except the faith and belief that I would receive what I was asking for, because I had already made up my mind.

It took my friend in Spirit, Ohaudin, (Oh-Hyde-En) to open my eyes to see how this worked in my life. This revelation opened me up to a foolproof realization:

“Judge not by appearance, but be in right judgment. It will be done unto you as you believe it to be.” -Jesus

Jesus, the master way shower, gave us the most amazing truth for living not only through tough times, but through all times.

I consulted my guide earlier to request insight on prospering through these uncertain times. This is what Ohaudin had to say:

My Dears, Take the words of Jesus and familiarize yourself with them until they become your personal and spiritual truth. The world’s economy is not stable because it’s based on a foundation that is not eternal. God’s economy is not only unlimited, but it is in youSpirit has set it up that the inexhaustible Divine bounty and trust that is available to everyone, is inside of you.

Yes…This endless supply exists as energy within your very own being. The key that unlocks it is faith. Faith reaches into the depths of your heart, aligns itself with your body and mind, and reflects it out into the Universe. Your patience allows faith to take it’s course and bring you exactly what you need.

In order to do so my dears, you must trust that it is the Divine’s greatest joy and pleasure to give you all, not some, but all that you need and desire. Take a moment to relax within this Divine truth that is truly infallible.

“Do not be afraid, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.” Luke 12:32

Dear ones, the kingdom refers to everything that the Father has. All that God has is yours. By embracing this shift in belief, you are able to watch life mirror that acceptance within your own life. What are you identifying with? What have you created a conscious connection with that could potentially be blocking your good my dears?

When we discover what holds us back, we become aware of what’s possible for us now.

Endless good, endless health, endless joy, and endless wealth and prosperity are all ready to manifest in your lives, now!

Take a moment to think about all of the times Spirit has provided for you. Go into each and every experience and submerge it in immense gratitude. Gratitude reminds us of what we already have and to celebrate it’s presence. Your good, your endless good is already here. Anything that disagrees with this truth, pay no attention to it because it does not serve you.

Spirit asks you each and every moment, “Are you agreeing with lack or abundance? Are you agreeing with fear or love?” There is limitless power in the choices that are made from these questions in each passing moment. By choosing love and abundance, you open the flow for all that you need and desire to effortlessly come into your life.

My dears, the most important thing to remember is to keep your mind rooted in Divine truth. By doing so, you remain in alignment with your endless good that is yours by Divine right and Divine selection. All you have to do is keep your faith in the power that has created everything, and everything will take care of itself…

My final words for you, my dears, is this:

“Whatever happens in your world, happens within you first…Whatever happens in your world, happens within you first.” Allow this maxim to set you free, permanently from fear, lack and limitation…

You have the power my dears, you always have…”



Rev. Shaun Grant

“Let Kindness Lead The Way.”

May. 13, 2020

If optimism was rated on a scale of 1–10, I’d easily be at 100. Needless to say, that doesn’t mean that I don’t feel the fleeting emotions of anxiety, doubt and uncertainty.

You see, I have an enormous amount of faith in the Divine’s ability to work things out in the very best way possible…But, I much like the rest of the world, I am challenged on occasion to rise above the very things that can sink us like a boat with a gaping hole at the bottom.

That boat represents our mental health, the potential hole is the constant stream of projected, fear based thoughts, feelings and emotions that are fired at us from up close, as well as afar. It’s often only a matter of time before we began to feel the effects of this “verbal streaming” sort of speak.

And when it comes, it shows up like a flame searching for the gasoline that is our emotions. That’s all it takes is a trigger. A flame to the gas that creates a blaze of powerful feelings that threatens to keep us in a pit of mental despair.

Yet, within us, we have the power to rise above it all…

Growing up I suffered, painstakingly, with anxiety, worry and stress. It became so bad at one point that I just couldn’t enjoy my life whatsoever. My biggest problem was, anything that showed up that looked like the aforementioned three, I did one of two things:

1. I suppressed it with so much force, that it would be locked away. (Or so I thought.)

2. I ran from it. (Somehow or another thinking that it wouldn’t catch up tome.)

I’m sure you can imagine what my life looked like with that recipe of approaching things I needed to deal with emotionally. It wasn’t until my mental health began to diminish that I finally woke up to the truth of what was going on.

More importantly, I realized what needed to stop. I needed to stop running and I needed to stop suppressing.

I decided something about 14 years ago that would transform my life forever. I was just going to face the truth of what is and allow it to do whatever it showed up to do.

Because my mental health was so diminished, at first it seemed like I would have a nervous breakdown in the event I found the courage to face what was unfolding. But something interesting happened.

I truly felt what came up. It created a wave of energy, and then it was released. It was just that simple. Now in all truth and honesty, a lot of thoughts and emotions continued to show up, but I never wavered on facing them for what they were:

Only One Interpretation of The Truth

At that time, I could only think of the worst case scenario in everything. I’m talking some really outlandish, Hollywood movie type occurrences. To give you an example. I can remember working a job I really liked when one of the managers quit and left me to run the store with another inexperienced assistant manager. Right when they quit, here is where my mind went:

Customers will stop buying, I’ll stop getting paid, I’ll get fired, get thrown out of my apartment, get my car repossessed, be homeless on the street, eating out of the trash and eventually dying from malnutrition. I know, some would say I was certified insane.

It’s funny to look back on it now, but it was serious and nothing to be taken lightly because this was how my mind was set up to operate. And let’s just say it does not disappoint. But, we have the power to turn it all around.

Everyday, social media and news outlets, for the most part, offer up tons of juicy fear based stories. This is done because they understand that once the mind has an idea, it’s going to run with it like the Flash.

The media is always battling for control of your mental health. If they can get that, they’ve got you. Let’s not give them that option.

Think of your greatest fear that is potentially making you mentally stressed out or weak and face it! Allow the whole thing to play out in your mind. Go through the absolute worst case scenario and then confront what is usually the biggest fear for most, death.

But death is nothing to be feared, because in death, problems do not exist anymore. So, agree or disagree, death would be a huge win. But, you’re not on this Earth to wither and die in stress, you are here to thrive and live happily.

I often visualize my own funeral when I meditate or sleep and it always does one important thing: I have to fulfill a great purpose before that can happen. There’s no way I’m leaving without doing that.

So, under those circumstances I have to face the music. You know the absolute worst most terrible things can and likely have happened to all of us, but if you’re reading this as I’m writing it, you’ve made it through because you’ve decided to face, feel and now most important let it go.

About 5 years ago, I went on a rampage of facing, feeling and releasing. It got so intense that I cried for four days straight. I felt like I lost about 20 pounds that month. But the only thing that changed was my state of mental health. Because here’s the truth of it all.

When you honor your emotions by feeling, embracing, accepting and then letting them go, your thoughts have to act accordingly.

When those magnetically, powerfully charged emotions are released lovingly, the thoughts of that nature will be released as well.

So with everything going on right now, face it. Don’t be afraid to create the worst possible experience in your mind, and then let it go. Even go as far as death being the outcome. We’ve been through enough as a global community and it’s time that we expunge the pain that we’ve carried for so long.

My dears, there is truly nothing to fear because you have all the power to rise above any pain, struggle or hardship. That power is love. Love that is ever-present and always offering you the choice to make that carries the greatest amount of peace and joy.

Choose wisely, choose lovingly.


Rev. Shaun Grant

“Let Kindness Lead The Way.”

May. 13, 2020

It’s baffling to think how many people are living in fear to this day.

Fear is a normal emotion that becomes a catalyst to remind you that you have stepped out of alignment with Divine Love.

It shows up in our lives when we are choosing to believe in our limited selves as opposed to our unlimited, eternal selves. But here is the truth:

Fear, in no way shape or form, is supposed to run your life.

I was doing my daily meditation, prayer and quiet hour when I received a revelation of great importance: “Kingdom living does not contain fear. When fear is present, you have left the kingdom that has been so perfectly prepared for you!”

If you understand what the true Kingdom of Heaven is, then you know exactly what I am talking about. If not, you may be a bit lost. So let me explain the truth behind the Kingdom of Heaven.

As the mastermind Jesus so eloquently put it, “The Kingdom of Heaven is upon us.” The most significant aspect of this statement is understanding that in order to correctly interpret it, it must be heard in “Divine truth.”Without that, we all can fall victim to missing the the valuable gift that is available to each and everyone of us.

It took me some time, but when I discovered it, it made complete sense. First of all, the kingdom of heaven is within everyone. It is that infinite, formless, peaceful place that lies in our hearts, waiting to be activated and experienced.

It knows no fear, no lack, no disease, no struggle, no hardship, only the opposite of these “world problems ” does the kingdom of heaven contain. Most important of all, it possesses the unconditional love of God. Free to be had by all who choose to receive. That’s the key! Are we choosing to live in the Kingdom??

The Coronavirus, for many, has turned the idea of God’s Kingdom into an urban myth. For years, the truth that people received weekly, sometimes daily, has succumbed to fear. I ask myself these questions as I notice the stronghold it has on so many individuals across the world…

Photo Credit (Beach Balloons)

Has the Kingdom disappeared?…. Has God gone on vacation and left the Kingdom unattended? Are we no longer allowed in the Kingdom? Has the funds of the Kingdom run dry?

No, no, no, no and absolutely NO!!!

The kingdom of Heaven cannot be obstructed by man or by force. It has never died and was never born. It is everything in and of itself, it knows all, sees all, is all, and gives all. It’s power is unmatched under any circumstances…So what, I beg to ask, is the problem?

The Kingdom of Heaven can only be present when you choose to enter the kingdom. By making the choice to live within the chambers of the Kingdom, you are revealing to yourself and to the world the greatest truth that is needed now and will be forever:

The God force in each of us is more powerful than anything…Nothing comes close! Only when you know this as your truth will it rang true for you.

So that leaves us with a life transforming choice that has consequences that will affect us in one way or another.

Choose the fear, desperation and despair that the virus has stroked in so many. Or, choose that benevolent Spirit within,

that’s already seen how the end of this will play out and is whispering in your ear telling you, “You’re winning, You are winning, You are winning!…Don’t give up, don’t give in!! Hold fast to your truth and you will be set free!!…”

The choice seems pretty easy to me…How about you?


Rev. Shaun Robert Grant

“Let Kindness Lead The Way”

Apr. 2, 2018

But what if...But what if...But what if??... Does that sound the least bit familiar? Out of all the actors I've encountered, this is one phrase that will stop most from realizing all of their potential. You ever thought about what your career would look like if you just went for it? I mean like really went for it. I realized how powerful this concept is when you just give it your all and then let it go.

In a past article, we talked about not allowing self imposed restrictions and limiting beliefs to stop us from progressing forward as actors. When we look further into it, these restrictions often give us an insight to the real truth: I DON'T WANT TO!

Okay, I'll explain. If I say, I want you to email/call this production company and ask if they are casting for anything that you would be a good fit for. What kind of restrictions come up?








Every one of these answers validate that deep down we don't want to. Now, I don't want you to feel like I'm backing you into a corner. I want to help you to eradicate this behavior. And the most important step to alleviating it is to NEVER BE AFRAID TO HEAR NO. 


I once was afraid of hearing no and then I had to put an end to it. The only way to do that was to take the seriousness out of the word, NO. So when I first heard the Meghan Trainor song, NO it allowed it to take on a whole new meaning. It created a level of lightheartedness and laughter that now every time I hear it, I can't help but to smile.


Another reason not to be afraid of no is that it is not as always as definite as it seems. Sometimes, no indicates, "not right now," but sometime later. One thing we can always trust in, is that the Universe will always have perfect timing. If you can believe that with conviction, no form of no will ever stop you from achieving your dreams of being a successful actor.


On this second day of April, I encourage you to take off the restrictions and just go for it. Refuse to hold back and refuse to allow anything to stop you from being your best. Because if you work at continually becoming your best, unimaginable success will eventually manifest for you.




Shaun Grant

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